Build your remote dream team, scale your operations and retain top talent

Complement your in-house employees with remote team members who each play an integral role in daily operations.

We handle
Local compliance
Employee benefits
Team onboarding
You retain
Control of day-to-day operattions
Intention rights
Team processes & culture

Find, hire and manage top tech talent in LATAM and build your distributed dream team.

You don’t have to start from the ground up, we specialize in connecting great talent with great companies. We help you build your specialized team and getting them up-to-speed quickly while we take care of all the operational details.

Our track record


More effective than traditional recruitment


More cost effective than hiring your own staff


Years of


Industries served around the world

Our process

Self-serve onboarding

We facilitate team success through high-quality onboarding, HR support, and workspace access. We’ll set up a kick-off meeting to onboard them to your official communication channels and tech stack so that everything runs smoothly.

Easy management

We remain active and engaged well after recruitment, providing the support and infrastructure to foster a sense of belonging and community.

Team & Tech Requirements

  • Discovery Session to talk about stack ​
  • Information gathering and consulting for team composition ​
  • “For developers by developers”​


  • Candidate Sourcing and Vetting ​
  • Client / Candidate co Interviews ​
  • Hires approved by client​

Seamless On-boarding & PEO

  • Employee on-boarding ​
  • Ongoing taxes and compliance in each country​
  • Offices, equipment & miscellaneous


  • Team Introduction ​
  • Community and resources
  • Office “hubs” so developers can feel like part of the team​

No matter the stack, we’ve got you covered

We collaborate with you to define what the ideal developer or team looks like based on your needs. We then source top talent with proven track records, interview them and vet them so that you only interview the best in class candidates with a proven track record.

Benefits of working with Axelerate

We’re Developers Who Hire Developers

We know how hard it can be recruiting the right candidate, so we take the load off your shoulders. All we need is a detailed idea of your project and specific technology needs to find the perfect team for you.

We Give You Peace Of Mind

We’re constantly in search of top talent to discover developers that are passionate and motivated, ensuring the bar for quality is raised and that they deliver work they are proud of. We try to make the recruitment process feel like a breeze.

We Foster Community

We strive to create an environment of collective learning in every team we build. We firmly believe that the talent level of the company is determined by the sum of each member’s set of skills.

Support & Back Office

Focus on what makes your company tick, we’ll take care of the office management; office rent, maintenance, equipment, recruitment, payroll and employee perks.

Flexible Contract

Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing. We provide elastic commitments to let you focus on your business venture while having peace of mind.